Thursday, 3 October 2013


... Wood on the ceiling!

This has been a cool idea that has been plaguing my mind lately (and unfortunately has resulted in a certain Lionel Richie song being stuck in my head). 

I have always envisioned that if one day I bought a condo (although I probably wouldn't) I would try to accomplish an effect on the ceiling replicating the exposed beams and woodwork of much pricier "hard lofts". The aged, rustic, warm colour from the wood would be a huge addition of character to what are normally lifeless, cold, uninspired spaces. I also began to think about a much more polished, streamlined approach that would be similar to what we are generally used to putting on our floors - except on the ceiling!

This is something that is often seen on porches and verandas, but looks OUTTA THIS WORLD when introduced in an interior space.

I have also been trying to convince my parents that this effect would look really cool at our cottage, which we are currently in the process of giving a facelift! (Stay tuned.)

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:



I love the high-lacquer, rich colour of the above three examples.

The next three photos show a more matte, light colour application.




I like the wrap-around effect featured in the next two photos, where a defined strip has been sectioned off and applied to the wall, ceiling and even the floor!



I think this idea would only work in spaces with more generous ceiling heights, as a ceiling too low could leave you feel imposed upon from above. But, I think this brings a really unexpected, cool approach to the fourth dimension of your space that, generally speaking, doesn't get much attention.

What do you think?

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