Tuesday, 22 October 2013


After moving my Persian rug to underneath my dining table, our living room floor was in serious need of some love.

...And guess who scored a Beni Ourain-style rug!


Duh. Me!

This baby is PLUSH. It is literally almost 2" thick. Your feet seriously sink into this lavish shag madness!

After longing for a Beni a while ago, a clandestine search on Kijiji led me straight to a beautiful rug. By hasard, I typed in the words "Beni Ourain", expecting nothing. Instead, I found the ad for this rug listed within the last 14 hours and only a short drive away.

I knew this rug would soon be mine. 


And what's this? More teak furniture? No more pleated leather throne?

The throne was sold allowing room for a few more pieces inherited from the high-style mid-century home that was my grandmother's. So awesome right? ORIGINAL UPHOLSTERY! 

I'll write and post more detailed pics soon.  


For now, we have plenty to admire with this new rug in town.

It's amazing the difference a rug makes, after having to live with horrible, exposed parquet floors for far too long.

Lush and plush is the only way.


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