Monday, 26 August 2013


I've been experimenting with some styling around the apartment lately. 

I've been really into a deserty, mid-west vibe so I picked up some cacti from IKEA last time I was there. I also picked up this awesome teak carving from a decor store. 

I loved the tone of the wood, its shape and its texture. 

I've also gotten into plants - in a big way.

I was at a friend's apartment a few months ago, and was really inspired by their look: minimal decor, with white walls and a ton of simple green plants. It was such a fresh look, so not to be outdone I too went out and bought a bunch of plants and set them all around my apartment.

What a difference.

...And this. Among the ever growing bounty of treasures from my Oma's house, I also scored this awesome deer head. Oddly, a deer head is something I have always wanted for my apartment. I already have several pairs of antlers (also from Oma) but this just takes my interest in taxidermy to an entirely new level of intensity. 

The head was mounted on a very typical, crest-shaped wooden mount that was very outdated looking. So, I decided to remove it from its mount entirely and hang it directly to the wall for a much more contemporary look. 

More plants! My vintage lamp! Yet another inherited teak table! The deer is overseeing all this action, and seems to approve. 

For merely a couple dollars for each plant, I paid very little money to freshen up the place and make it feel even more sophisticated.

Speaking of sophistication, I leave you with an artsy photo of evening light in our living room.

Ooh la-la. 


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