Thursday, 7 March 2013


I bought this today. Thank you, Kijiji.

I have been dreaming of a metal pendant lamp for the dining room but they are SO DAMN PRICEY! Up popped this classic beauty on Kijiji for only $40!

The act of picking something up for purchase from an unknown stranger is never comfortable. This particular transaction took me to a part of Toronto that I wish to never revisit, and involved being asked to descend into a dimly lit basement of what I gathered was a restaurant that only sold chili. I paid my $40 quickly and left. I was offered chili.

Looking back, I probably should have bartered with these people because I now realize that there are no screws to mount this thing, and I only had their word to go on that in fact, the light worked. But I panicked, and from what I have described to you I'm sure you can understand why.

This girl doesn't stand two seconds before I spray paint her black. Like everything else. Black black black.

(image via here)


I'm hoping it will turn out like this lamp, from Restoration Hardware. (Theirs cost from $199-$499! Madness!)


I also plan to keep the insides white, to be completed 



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