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Don't ever let your faceplates look like this. 

Faceplate shame.

The apartment had undergone what must have been one of the quickest and dirtiest paint jobs ever done before we moved in - even the light switches weren't spared. What's worse is that almost none of them matched, and this was a no-go for my Type A personality. 

What many people may not realize is that replacing a faceplate for a light switch or an electrical outlet is a) possible and b) the easiest thing ever. All you need is a screwdriver, and about 30 seconds. And no, it is in no way unsafe and there is zero chance you will electrocute yourself ... Then again I don't know you. 

But trust me, it's safe. You don't even need to turn off any breakers.

If anyone out there is even reading this thing, you may remember I had a recent epiphany over the idea of installing shiny, metallic faceplates throughout the apartment. 

And because I'm not a bitch, I went for it! 

(¯`·._.·(***AnGeL cHoIr***)·._.·´¯)

Cool right? Well, once again Home Depot pulls through and they actually carry these basic brass faceplates in store. And, they're only $2.99 each!

Here's all you need to get this project DONE.

Faceplates, obviously, and Gold Spray Paint to spray the actual switch/sockets. 

A quick word on spray paint: don't cheap out on it. In my (and many others') opinion, Rustoleum is the only way to go. It is meant to be durable and will withstand the everyday wear of the switches/and plugs. I will be honest and say that I did first try to use a cheap spray paint (Krylon, in fact) my first try with this and it looked horrible. The coverage difference and the actual quality IS NOTICEABLE. 

Don't buy Krylon spray paint. Ever.


This gloryhole-esque picture shows how I carefully covered a large area around the switch to be painted to avoid any excess overspray and misting from the spray paint. 

The protected area can never be big enough. Experience has taught me this. (I'm pretty sure I even cut a whole in a box, put it over the switch as well and sprayed inside that to collect even more of the paint spray.) Also, ALWAYS go lightly and in many coats with spray paint. 

Going too thick and all at once will only ever create dripping.

(...haha. But seriously.)


Here again is the same lovely image you have already seen, because as awesomely glam as this baby looks in person, it is extremely difficult to photograph without capturing any horribly distorted reflection of your hands. I have to tell you that in person they look AMAZE. It adds this really unique and unexpected sparkle, while kind of rocking this C3P0 Star Wars vibe.

This was my test pilot, and I will definitely be doing this to every light switch/socket in the apartment... I'll be sure to show in another post soon. When I go to move out, all I'll have to do is spray the switches/outlets back to white, and replace the horrible covers I found when we moved here. 

Maybe you don't want to go gold, but know that faceplates are a changeable accessory that you may forget about when wanting to add character to your space. Look around! There is lots out there. 

Perhaps you would enjoy something more like this:
God help you if you do. 


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