Sunday, 21 April 2013


Don't ask why, but I decided to walk through Marshall's today. Basically a store full of clothes I wouldn't buy, but their "Home" section was actually pretty good! The prices were all very reasonable, and their offerings were actually desirable. (This, if you haven't noticed, is becoming increasingly rarer.)

Lots of great decorative pillows, a killer coffee table book section, and a nice selection of rugs.

Oh how I long for a new rug. I still (and hopefully always will) love my Persian rug that I bought when we first moved in, which I wrote about here

But the first picture from that post has always inspired me to move that rug into the dining area. For those of you who are too lazy to click the nicely provided link, here is the picture:


Also, notice the Eames chairs? Are we learning something? 
Alright, enough shamelessly plugging my own blog.

Please take time to enjoy the above image before subjecting yourself to a hideous picture of the dining room area of our apartment:


Sigh. Our apartment, like most in Toronto, is cursed with yellow parquet floors. So, if you can, why not cover them up with luxurious Persian rugs? Luxurious Persian rugs for everybody! We aren't total savages and we do actually own a dining set. As well this area has been pimped out with a recent new light acquisition and accompanying faux ceiling medallion (dammit I said I wouldn't do it again!) but I just know that the Persian rug would look and fit splendidly right on top of that nasty Jenga-piece floor!

Here is a picture of where the rug is currently residing. I love the rug here, but would prefer to see it migrate. 


The question is, what to replace it with? I don't think I would like to go the route of getting another Persian. Too many Persians in a room and... oh never mind. But back to Marshall's!

I was flipping through the rugs when a few of them caught my eye. I have been fawning over Morgan at The Brick House's Beni Ourian rug. For those of you out-of-the-know, here are some pictures of some Beni Ourain rugs in all their white fluffy, geometric glory:


(via Pinterest)

(via West Elm)

Hummina hummina. So when I was fanning through some rugs at ol' Marhsall's I was excited when I saw these:




Not Beni Ourain, but certainly an allusion thereto. Let me be clear in stating that $200 is not what I would like to spend, but then again looking at the prices of some authentic versions (we're talking thou$and$) $200 might not be so bad. They are both REALLY soft and a big size for the price. 

I've also been considering a cowhide rug. Ikea sells them, but they're even more expensive than these Marshall's ones. 
(Ikea KOLBY rug)

My only concern is that going to a more neutral rug will take all the colour out of the living room. The paintings, the couches, the table, are all brown or black (for now), so I'm not sure if a rug like any of these examples would make things just a little too down with the brown. 

What do you guys think? Which Marshall's rug did you like better? Or should I just screw it and keep looking?


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