Monday, 8 April 2013



Not much has been happening around the apartment lately, but I did recently score this amazing tufted leather chair! How much you ask? A mere $100. 

Kijiji became my bitch once again.

(Sorry about the uninspired, unstyled photos - 
these pictures are the only ones I could take 
without revealing the disaster that currently is 
our apartment.)  

I mean COME ON. Look at this thing. It even came with a matching ottoman! Unfortunately, it just doesn't fit in the space without being awkward.

As always, it came with an eventful interaction with an unassuming seller, but this time was actually quite pleasant. The guy I bought it from offered to drive the chair over to my place, during which I learned that he owns a restaurant down the street from my work (which we all love - unreal lamb burger). We also chatted about Japanese culture.

Totally normal.

This chair goes great with my existing $30 distressed brown leather couch. 

Look how great the new chair sports the velvet 
American flag pillow! Someone's not having any 
problems fitting in around here!

Our living room is chillax central.


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