Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Look out world! I styled this.

I also happen to live here. Life is good.

I have been seriously considering getting into styling lately, so have been doing a bit of experimenting around my place. What do you think? I'm channelling a bit of Nate Berkus here. It feels right.

The 'Southbound' picture  was a little project I undertook that only cost around $20! I took the photo myself at Dupont station in Toronto with an SLR camera. The mosaic texture and the word itself I thought were really cool, so I adjusted the contrast on iPhoto and took it to Staples to get it blown up. The blow up only cost around $5 and I got the frame on sale from IKEA for about $15. Not bad!

Everything is coming together very nicely in the living room if I do say so myself. 

Is anyone in need of some stylin'?


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