Monday, 10 June 2013


Say hello to "the ladies" - a new awesome pair of vintage lamps I scored on my trip. 

Brassy and sassy. 

I gave myself a personal mission of purchasing one awesome new item to go in my apartment while I was away - a design memento if you will. I spotted this pair of ass kicking lamp bases while exploring Commercial Drive in Vancouver - a groovy part of the city with cool thrift stores and antique shops.

They came with the most awful lampshades (tattered accordion-style shades that looked something like this), but I could see through the ugly and pictured them with a shade that looked something more like this. The day that I spotted them I had no way of getting them home, but I spoke to the store owner and told them I would come back tomorrow but to not bother holding them for me. I told myself if they were still there tomorrow, it was a sign for me to get them.

DUH - they were still there, so I bought them. 

I was so happy because I wanted to make good on my self-deal AND I scored a rock-n-roll, art-deco-flavoured pair of lamp bases. (I've been desperately wanting some lamps for the apartment...So bad that I bought a piece of luggage to accommodate taking them home.)


Well, you only YOLO once as they say and I can't wait to slap these sexy ladies with a sleek and handsome black drum style lampshade.

Are you a fan of these ladies?


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