Monday, 22 February 2016


Generally, I'm much more fascinated by residential interior design than commercial or retail - and in order for me to take notice in the latter it has to be really, really good. Saks has just opened up a flagship location in The 6ix downtown Toronto... and boy did I notice.

I had conflicting feelings about a Saks location opening up in Toronto (ie. originally American, just another high-end retail store, etc. etc.) but I must say that whoever was responsible for designing this store did an AMAZING job. Like 11/10 A+. 

Of course, I took a few photos for you to take it all in...

saks toronto

saks toronto

The stores were dispersed with beautiful rugs, and seating arrangements like this one - complete with a woman texting her baby.

new saks

The main floor featured a sparkly mosaic tile in one area which looked as expensive as it probably was. 

new toronto saks

There was also a cluster of hanging lights which also sparkled and blinked but unfortunately this did not translate to this photo. 

canadian saks

saks display

No expense was spared in the finishes or the fixtures, including this table which has an MSRP of $5700USD.

saks canada

There was also a side hallway which looked to be covered entirely in solid gold.

saks personal shopping

Saks will offer personalized shopping, and here is the lounge for those lucky people who will get to experience such luxury.

personal shopping toronto

I was told by a handsome Saks employee that the three panels shown at the back of this photo operate on some sort of winch system to lower or rotate (or something) to give access to some sort of full service bar. I asked said employee if he would demonstrate. He said no. 

saks personal shopping

saks toronto queen

The store had a very polished, mid-century, old Hollywood feel, complete with rounded furniture (as alluded to in my previous "Trend Alert" article, because I'm just that "with-it") and a lot of plush, low-pile wall-to-wall carpeting.

saks eaton centre

A linear installation of brass to add nice texture and interest to an otherwise dull wall.

celine saks toronto

My favourite aspect of the store was the almost "framed" vignettes for each of the brands represented. Far and away, Celine was my favourite. (Green carpeting - who knew!)

saks toronto

Praise to Alex McQ. Bad ass even from beyond the grave.

saks canada

saks louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton. 

saks queen yonge

This is a hallway to some change rooms. This grass cloth wallpaper! C'mon!

saks canada

saks mens

Lighting was also eye-catching - especially this fixture which is seemingly made up of singed corpses. Probably of those people who realized they couldn't afford anything here.

saks toronto

All in all, the store is beautiful and a welcome addition to the Toronto retail market. It is definitely a worthwhile experience to walk through and enjoy it, let alone the beautiful things they have available for sale.

What do you think?

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