Wednesday, 19 March 2014



I've been away. Minor hiatus. No one noticed. 

But I'm back! And do I have things to TELL. 

Let's start off on a sad note, with a picture of our dining area: 

The dining area was fine. It featured a wayback-playback project from when I painted a thrifted barn style lamp. It also featured a large painting I had done to replicate a slab of black veiny marble that I had planned to write a tutorial about but never got around to OK?!

Either way, I was feeling the winds of change.

So I created this: 

Pretty neat, amirite? Super easy and pretty ingenious. For just over $100, this lamp can too be yours by purchasing a few socket splitters (Home Depot), some lightbulbs (anywhere) and a lamp hanging kit (West Elm). Screw everything together, hang it and you're done!

Having so many lightbulbs threw off some pretty intense light, and I didn't want to pay $12 per bulb for some vintage Edison style bulbs. So, for about $10 I installed a dimmer LIKE A BOSS (read: after watching a 2 minute YouTube tutorial).

Obviously, I also changed up the styling a little bit. It was there before but has yet to be mentioned - I bought a fycus! (Or fig leaf tree). These are the current BUSINESS when it comes to houseplants; a stylists bread and butter lately seen all over every design magazine and website everywhere, ever.

Also, I once again utilized my thrifty black and white photo technique to change up the art game a little bit. I took this photo while on vacation a few years ago and have always loved the composition, so, I threw it in a frame I already had and blew 'er up... for $1.97 at Staples. 

I design on the cheap and you can too! 

I also threw in a wooden, tribal-looking spoon and a mini cactus for good measure. As one does. 

He is new to the group and a little bit shy, but I think this Sputnik-inspired, alien-looking, industrial-, minimalist-, freaky little fixture is going to fit in just fine!


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