Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Drawing inspiration from some of the gallery walls in the previous post, I have been on the hunt for some interesting, eye-catching frames. 

I am looking for some smaller, gold frames that will become especially useful when filling in any awkward spaces in the arrangement. 

I found the two frames picture below at a vintage store, which upon first glance don't seem like much:

The frame on the left is your typical, inexpensive gold frame with a few dings and scratches.
The frame on the right caught my eye because of it's especially unique 
gold hue, and the subtle texture of the frame detail. (It also came with an 
uplifting credo about "Togetherness".)

I decided I wanted to pick up on the black accents idea that I liked so much in the first image from the last post, and so I thought black and white profile silhouettes would be a great and easy way to get a big hit of black.

Here is the end result:


With a little bit of Windex and an all new image inside, these frames 
have taken on new life. 

Here they are, sitting together on my night stand (for now):


The lesson here, I think, is to look past the existing condition (and whatever "bonus" already-framed piece of art included with your purchase) and have a strong concept of a finished project. These frames look absolutely beautiful, and this project only cost me $7!


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